The KOOLE 35 stands as an ASD anchor handling tug supply vessel (AHTS), renowned for its exceptional seakeeping capabilities and maneuverability, rendering it with remarkable towing prowess. Accredited by Bureau Veritas for unrestricted sailing, this tug boasts a bollard pull of 77 tonnes forward and 73 tonnes astern.

Operated by a seasoned crew and furnished with a diverse array of equipment, coupled with an expansive bunker capacity of 270,000 liters, efficient engines, and a seaworthy hull, the KOOLE 35 achieves optimal reach and unparalleled seakeeping abilities during towing operations. Its versatile design, ASD propulsion, and superior towing attributes make it suitable for a wide range of global tasks, including single and double towing, anchor handling, rig move assistance, salvage and wreck removal, harbor towage, escort duties, as well as deck and cargo transportation.

Featuring a towing and anchor handling winch at the stern, a bow-mounted towing winch, deck crane, and Karmoy towing pins, the KOOLE 35 accommodates a crew of 10 persons onboard.


Build 2008
AIS Type Schip Tug
Vessel type Special service – Anchor handling ASD Tug
Gross Tonnage 498 t
Overall length 35.77 m
Breadth 11 m
Depth 5.60 m
Draft 4.50 – 5.20 m