Health, safety and the environment

Attention to health, safety and the environment is one of the top priorities within each division of Koole. This is reflected on the projects where a great deal of attention is paid to the well-being of employees, but also to other parties involved in the project. Maintaining safety based on customer requirements is an integral part of the business. Both the law and quality standards are applied in this regard.

Everything in-house for all your demands

Whether it is a small or large-scale salvage operation, Koole has everything under one roof for any task. We have access to a variety of large equipment, including vessels, barges, cranes and our own tugs. This enables us to carry out every project completely self-supporting, without being dependent on other suppliers, which would often lead to increased costs.

Our Fleet

Our versatile fleet comprises various tug vessels and barges, ensuring efficiency and reliability in maritime operations.

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