With specialization in removal and decommissioning of industrial installations and site preparation, Koole is a leader in the chemical, energy, metal, petrochemical, food & pharma industries. Every project is provided with an appropriate- often innovative, solution.

Dismantling in a specialist and professional manner in the Industrial sector such as oil & gas, (Petro)chemical, food & non-food, pharma, power & production plants require a lot of knowledge and experience.

Thanks to our extensive experience and knowledge in this field, Koole is able to take care of the entire process: from permits and a plan of action to the delivery of a site ready for building.

With Koole being an expert in this field, these activities are carried out in the most efficient and professional manner.

Our added value

While executing our (international) projects, we work with high-quality, specialized equipment. Our solution-focused vision enables us to develop a creative and pragmatic approach, which often makes a unique contribution to the industrial sector in question.

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