Industrial cleaning

In recent years, Koole has developed its expertise in specialized industrial cleaning, offering comprehensive maintenance solutions for factories. Whether addressing your interior or exterior needs, we manage the entire process. This includes in-depth cleaning of production lines, pipes and silos, as well as the removal of persistent stains from floors, ceilings, facades, and hard-to-reach areas.

Our specialization extends to overseeing the entire cleaning process of a factory, complete with emergency services. Through the utilization of top-quality equipment and a skilled personnel. We ensure that your factory and its installations remain in optimal condition. Koole offers 24/7 assistance for flooding, blockages, smoke/soot, and fire damage in industrial installations and buildings.

Beyond the food industry, Koole has established a exceptional reputation in delivering services across various sectors. These include maritime structures, loading docks, bunker tanks, underwater concrete wells, sluices, blasting grit facilities, power plants, incinerators, and other industrial installations.

Maritime objects

The maritime industry relies on industrial cleaning to ensure the longevity and safety of vessels. This includes cleaning ship hulls, decks and cargo holds to remove barnacles, rust, and other contaminants.  Thorough cleaning and maintenance are essential to prevent corrosion and maintain the operational efficiency of maritime operations.

Food Industry

In the food industry, upholding impeccable cleanliness and hygiene standards is of utmost importance. Depth cleaning, a specialized form of industrial cleaning, focuses on the comprehensive sanitation of food processing equipment and facilities. Techniques such as dry ice cleaning utilize solid CO2 pellets to effectively eliminate contaminants, leaving behind no residue. This non-toxic approach is particularly well-suited for environments where traditional cleaning methods might pose challenges related to food safety concerns.

Emergency response

During emergency situations, industrial cleaning plays a critical role. Koole excels in this field, frequently serving as a primary responder with its 24/7 calamity service. Equipped with specialized personnel and equipment, we swiftly address your problems and requirements. Koole has a short response time and the capability to rapidly expand its operations in such situations, positioning us as your ideal partner during emergency situations.

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