The “K10031” is a versatile offshore accommodation solution which is unique characteristics. Built to the highest quality and safety standards it offers flexibility of accommodation configuration, 8 point mooring system of 100 tons winches and a large open deck space capable of a multitude of uses to support the offshore oil and gas or renewable energy industries as well as more general marine support operation in the salvation, removal and refloating of sunken vessels or barges.

The K10031 currently has accommodation for 120 POB in well-appointed en-suite rooms and is complete with office, galley, mess, medical and recreational facilities, to provide an ideal living and working environment.


Build 2007
Type Accommodation Barge
Lifting capacity 200 tons Liebherr HS8200HD (to be installed)
Length 100,60 m
Beam 30.48 m
Depth 6.09 m
Maximum deck load 15.00 ton/ m²
Deck service crane 7.5 ton at 25 m max lifting capacity
Gross Tonnage 4.953 GT
Options 120 PAX accommodation, 8 point mooring with 100 tons winches