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Maritime highlights


On the 6th of September 2017, the destructive hurricane IRMA struck the Caribbean Island of Saint Martin. Eventually KOOLE Contractors was awarded to clear & clean all caused damage on the French part of the Island. This shipwreck Recovery, salvage, cleaning & disposal project consisted of more than 200 vessels and items which have been identified to be either floating, partially or fully submerged in the Simpson Bay Lagoon, Bay of Cul-de-Sac and Oyster Pond.

The contract was supervised by the Collectivite of Saint-Martin and started on May 30, 2022 and the last wreck & debris were removed on November 15th 2022, within the time schedule and to the full satisfaction of residents of Sint Martin and our client. The official finalization of this project will follow early December.


In the entrance of the Demerara River under challenging conditions, the salvage crew of KMS successfully removed 2 large barges and a small cargo vessel. The wrecks were removed using the barge H283 and Liebherr 895 crawler crane.

For this wreck removal operation, the KOOLE traditional cut & grab method was used. With the wrecks removed the port of Georgetown can be accessed safely again.

KOOLE had the honor to have this project filmed by Renowned films for the famous “Deep Water Salvage” series.

Have a look right here.

Following this succesful operation, KOOLE have been awarded with another contract by the Government of Guyana for the removal of 17 wrecks located in the Demerara, Berbice, Pomeroon, Waini and Essequibo rivers and offshore in general. For the full press release, click on the following link


In early April, the salvage crew of KMS started wreck removal operations in French Polynesia after several attempts by other corporations on the Chinese fishing vessel SHEN GANG SHUN No 1 and the depollution of the surrounding coral reef. The crew had to run operations from a makeshift campsite constructed on the far north-west side of the atoll.
Here the crew experienced the beauty of a secluded palm island yet also all its discomforts like the million creepy crawlers, sandfleas, infections and the relentless mosquitos.

The wreck was carefully cut in smaller sections and these were positioned on the reefs edge. Once weather conditions allowed safe mooring of Barge K9127 near the reef site these pieces were then loaded on board by usage of the barge crane.

During the course of the project, two additional smaller wrecks were added to the scope of work namely the two mast sailing vessel LORRAINE-D and a much older, nameless, wreck. At the end of September, we were able to conclude the entire project with a great sense of pride and a lot of experience. It was a big operational challenge but also definitely a pleasure to carry out this complicated assignment.


In July, KMS’ salvage crew successfully removed concrete mattresses and anode frames. Multi-purpose platform Q4-B, located in the Dutch sector of the North Sea was removed in April by a Heavy Lift Vessel. Concrete mattresses and anode frames remain on the seabed, which needed to be removed.

KOOLE managed to remove all concrete mattresses and anode frames from the seabed within approximately two weeks. All waste were transported to licensed waste processors for recycling.


KOOLE Contractors and Mammoet, both Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports (AYOP) and DecomMissionBlue members, have been busy working on the drilling tower at Decom Amsterdam recently. This drilling tower was previously transported to Decom Amsterdam from West Africa. After arriving at the Decom yard at the end of April. The drilling tower was then sold to a customer in The Middle East and therefore had to be prepared to be loaded on RoIlDock’s designated vessel.

The drilling tower was lifted at Decom Amsterdam by Mammoet using SPMTs (Self Propelled Modular Transporters) and rotated 180 degrees so that the drilling tower would fit on the vessel. Once the vessel was in position, the drilling tower was driven onto the vessel with the SPMTs.

Rolldock sea fastened and prepared the drilling tower for transport. Sunday 23rd of October was the big day, and RollDock’s loaded vessel left the Port of Amsterdam, bound for the Middle East, via the Cape of Good Hope. The total journey will take about 35 to 40 days.

Cooperation in optima forma
Four Dutch ompanies, i.e. MARNEX B.V., Rolldock B.V., Mammoet and KOOLE Contractors, were able complete this exciting job thanks to good cooperation. The ultimate goal was to reuse the tower instead of dismantling it – saving a lot of energy. We are proud that we were able to do this together. Professionally, competently, and in very good cooperation. The result was not only satisfied customer, but also a sustainable solution!

Successful loading of mv os 35 wreck!