K9128 & Liebherr HS8200HD

The “K9128” accommodation barge (12 PAX) & Liebherr HS8200HD combination is a large mooring barge (4 point mooring) with full accommodation (including mess, galley, office, survey- and control cabin), used for multipurpose lifting solutions in the salvation, removal and refloating of sunken vessels or barges. The crane can lift up to 200t.


Build 2007
Type Accommodation Crane barge
Lifting capacity 200 tons Liebherr HS8200HD
Length 91.44 m
Beam: 27.44 m
Depth: 6.10 m
Maximum deck load: 15.00 ton/ m²
Max deadweight: 9.000 t
Gross Tonnage: 3.923 GT
Options: 12 PAX accommodation