Industrial Highlights

Industrial furnace, Germany

In June we started with the removal of a furnace. We completely dismantled the furnace including entire cable runs, pipes, filter house, silos, refractory and disposal of all materials to approved waste facilities.

Dismantling parts of a jetty at a Petrochemical plant, The Netherlands

Due to expansion and rearrangement of the jetty, we were commissioned to dismantle and demolish parts of the jetty. The work consisted of demolishing structural parts, platforms, pipes and demolishing various concrete parts.

Another part of the work consisted of dismantling various equipment parts which the client wanted to reuse, such as various cranes used for loading and unloading vessel.

For this, we deployed a crane vessel alongside the quay to safely lift the cranes and other equipment back off the vessel and station them on the quay for the client to reuse. This was a challenge because many different factors had to be considered, such as weight, distance, tides, and maximum ground pressure on the quay. Fortunately, everything went according to plan, and a satisfied client.

Removal of a tank storage, The Netherlands

Removal of a tank storage in a live plant where different parties came together each in the field of their own specialties to minimize lead time for the client. During this whole project teamwork was at the highest level of safety and quality.

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Demolition of oil tanks, Suriname

Early November we completed the demolition of 4 oil tanks at an Industrial plant. The project was completed in full satisfaction of the client.

Completion of final phase removal bauxiet plant, Suriname

After kicking off in 2018, our team in Suriname is currently in the final stages of dismantling a bauxite and alumina plant. Besides dismantling the buildings, hazardous materials have been removed and disposed of at certified waste facilities.

Demolition production line metal industry, Belgium

In 2022 we have been working on the removal of an entire production line at a non-ferro company in Belgium. The estimated turn-around time is 1 year and the works will be completed in early 2023.

Demolition incinerator, food industry, Belgium

We have performed the removal of an incinerator and associated installations for a food processing company in a live plant. A large part of the installations were lifted off with a 450T mobile telescopic crane. The job was completed with the full satisfaction of the client.

Loading, Transport and Dismantling of Straddle Carriers, Germany – Netherlands

On September 6th we arrived with our barge in one of the largest harbours of Germany for loading 34 Straddle Carriers. Despite the bad weather, we were able to load 27 of the 34 Straddle Carriers and continued the next day with the remaining Straddle Carriers. Engineering, project management, and execution were part of the scope. After all Straddle Carriers were loaded on board of the barge, they were sea fastened accordingly. After the Marine Surveyor conducted his survey and gave permission, the barge left for his journey to our decommissioning yard at The Netherlands, for further dismantling and disposal at authorized disposal facilities.