Dismantling a 60 meter high chimney in Vlissingen

2017-02-08 Dismantling a 60 meter high chimney in Vlissingen

KOOLE Contractors was contracted to dismantle a chimney in Vlissingen. With the help of the spidercrane is the 60 meter high chimney dismantled to a rest height of 28 meters.

The spidercrane dismantled the concrete shaft systematically, the debris is disposed inwards. This method provides an alternative as opposed to toppling a chimney, which affects the environment.

The spidercrane is an unmanned and remote controlled excavator with four hydraulic feet, that is positioned on top of the chimney. The spidercrane is equipped with a series of radio transmitters and HD cameras. With the help of remote controls and LED monitors can the crane operator accurately control the excavator. The cabin is at a safe distance on the ground, in which the operator can concentrate on his work.

Watch the video to see how the spidercrane works:



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