KOOLE Contractors starts dismantling project in Sweden

2017-01-27 KOOLE Contractors starts dismantling project in Sweden

Borealis has contracted KOOLE Contractors for the removal of an ethylene cracker in Stenungsund, Sweden. KOOLE has recently mobilized the necessary equipment and personnel to Sweden and has started the dismantling.

The Austrian company Borealis is a manufacturer of polyolefins, chemicals and fertilizers, with offices and production locations throughout Europe, including Sweden. An ethylene cracker uses a high temperature to break apart molecules, for further processing in the petrochemical industry. Dismantling Furnace E is part of a multi-year renovation plan for multiple ‘crackers’.
The project comprises of the partial dismantling of the cracker, the corresponding pipelines and refractory material lining. The installation contains asbestos, which will also be removed by KOOLE under strict protocol.
Approximately 380 tons of steel and 250 tons of refractory stone material will be disposed during the operation. The dismantling has started in January 2017 and it will take approximately eight weeks to complete. After handover to the client a piping and mechanical contractor will start rebuilding the furnace.
KOOLE has an extensive track record in dismantling industrial installations. However this project has specific characteristics. For example, the cold winter in Sweden requires the necessary precautions, such as measures for frozen roads and a snow-covered work site.

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