Removal of pipelines and floating tank roofs Eurotank Amsterdam

2017-02-13 Removal of pipelines and floating tank roofs Eurotank Amsterdam

Eurotank Amsterdam has contracted KOOLE Contractors for the removal of pipelines and “floating” tank roofs.

Before the start of the decommissioning operations the pipes were drained and flushed to ensure that there was no oil residue left in the pipes.
The pipes were cut in small pieces with the “cold cutting” method. With this method there is no blow torch used. This reduces the risk of fire and explosions when cutting oil pipelines.

Tank roofs
Besides removing the pipelines, KOOLE also removed three floating tank roofs. These roofs float on the liquid in the tank to prevent the liquids to vaporize and to reduce the risk of air pollution.
The metal roofs of the empty tanks were cut into pieces with the help of a crawler crane equipped with a hydraulic shear and were disposed in containers.

Watch the photo’s and video below for an impression of this project.

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